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Our research

Hundreds of research outputs have been generated by WLE Greater Mekong, most of which are accessible from this page. We develop research outputs for a variety of audiences, whether academic or lay people in our effort to ensure that our research has real-world application and utility.

  • 2017

State of knowledge: River health in the Ayeyarwady

  • 2017-07

State of Knowledge: Hydropower Environmental Mitigation Measures on the Lancang River

Chinese HPPs on the Lancang River have been developed for electricity generation, flood control, water supply, and navigation improvement. Hydropower was expected to play an increasingly important role in developing a low carbon economy and increasing resilience to climate change in China. Read More
  • 2017

On Spatially Distributed Hydrological Ecosystem Services: Bridging the Quantitative Information Gap using Remote Sensing and Hydrological Models

One of the ways in which the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) addresses the challenge of achieving sustainable growth is by improving our understanding of tradeoffs and synergies related to water, food, environment and energy. Essential to the success of these efforts is the availability of… Read More
  • 2016-03

Integrating Global Satellite-Derived Data Products as a Pre-Analysis for Hydrological Modelling Studies: A Case Study for the Red River Basin

With changes in weather patterns and intensifying anthropogenic water use, there is an increasing need for spatio-temporal information on water fluxes and stocks in river basins. The assortment of satellite-derived open-access information sources on rainfall (P) and land use/land cover (LULC) is currently being expanded with the application of actual… Read More
  • 2016

Dams in the Mekong river basin