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Our research

Hundreds of research outputs have been generated by WLE Greater Mekong, most of which are accessible from this page. We develop research outputs for a variety of audiences, whether academic or lay people in our effort to ensure that our research has real-world application and utility.

  • 2018-10

Coping with changes in access to biodiversity and natural resources along the Mekong mainstream and tributaries

The relationship between people and natural resources in the Mekong River Basin is intimate. Up and down the river, natural resources in the form of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), fish, water, ‘Other Aquatic Animals’ (OAAs), agro-ecosystems and other – frequently common property – resources form a significant part of livelihoods.… Read More
  • 2017

State of knowledge: River health in the Salween- Burmese

This State of Knowledge paper reviews what is known about river health in the Salween Basin, including both the current state and uses of the river and its catchment, and issues likely to drive change in the near future. This report is in Burmese language. Read More