Our Research: River Monitoring

  • 2018-10

Coping with changes in access to biodiversity and natural resources along the Mekong mainstream and tributaries

The relationship between people and natural resources in the Mekong River Basin is intimate. Up and down the river, natural resources in the form of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), fish, water, ‘Other Aquatic Animals’ (OAAs), agro-ecosystems and other – frequently common property – resources form a significant part of livelihoods.… Read More
  • 2018

Monitoring the health of the greater Mekong’s rivers

The methods used for biomonitoring can be sophisticated, producing highly accurate results, but can also be simplified for communities to use. In countries where budgets for biomonitoring are low, using community-based biomonitoring systems can effectively and cheaply tell us about a river’s health. Read More