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  • 2016

Coping with resettlement: A livelihood adaptation analysis in the Mekong River basin

A major driver of change in the Mekong River basin relates to hydropower development and the consequent changes in landscape and natural resource access regime that it induces. In this paper, we examine how the livelihoods of resettlers evolve following resettlement, and examine the determinants of that process. The study… Read More
  • 2012-07-12

Creating wetlands within reservoirs

This field trip and feasibility study follows on from an initial concept paper for creating wetlands in reservoirs that have a large draw down. The guiding hypothesis is that such reservoirs often have relatively limited diversity of aquatic habitats and their productivity is limited by the rather barren shoreline areas… Read More
  • 2012-09

Commune Agro-ecosystems in Cambodia, a Guidance Manual

Commune Agroecosystems Analysis (CAEA) is a participatory analysis methodology used by the Department of Agricultural Extension to identify and prioritize agricultural development needs at the commune level. This manual provides a step-by-step procedure to implement CAEA Read More