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[headline]June 2, 2014[/headline]

The politics of transboundary rivers — Cecilia Tortajada and Asit K BiswasMalay Mail Online

Marubeni powers into CambodiaThe Japan Times

IFC empowers Lao firms to develop sustainable hydropower plantsVientiane Times

[headline]May 28, 2014[/headline]

Yunnan dam structurally unsound, repairs in limboGoKunming

Myanmar approves Thanlwin River hydropower

Groups urge dam construction be stoppedPhnom Penh Post

Nam Phak hydropower project under study in OudomxayVientiane Times

[headline]May 27, 2014[/headline]

Its Electricity Dwindling, Cambodia is Getting Very Dark and Very, Very HotNext City

[headline]May 23, 2014[/headline]

Safety barriers to be set around reservoirsVietnam Net Bridge

Life-Giving Deltas Starved by DamsHuffington Post

Future of Vietnam’s rice production threatened by climate changeViet Nam Net Bridge

[headline]May 22, 2014[/headline]

Energy sector set to growVientiane Times

[headline]May 19, 2014[/headline]

5 dam workers confirmed dead in northern Vietnam rockslideThanh Nien News

[headline]May 15, 2014[/headline]

Vietnamese banks urged to support sustainable hydropower in LaosVientiane Times

Hydro plant in the “pipeline for Xekong”Vientiane Times

[headline]May 13, 2014[/headline]

Xayabury dam can withstand big earthquakes, engineer saysVientiane Times

[headline]May 12, 2014[/headline]

Nam Ngiep 1 construction commences AugustVientiane Times

Survey to develop fisheries resources in LaosVientiane Times

[headline]May 10, 2014[/headline]

Lao Dam Troubles Mekong WatersThe Irrawaddy

[headline]May 8, 2014[/headline]

Ex-political prisoners protest in Myitkyina against Myitsone

Construction of Nam Chien hydropower project beginsVientiane Times

[headline]May 6, 2014[/headline]

Bhumibol Dam reportedly safe after Chiang Rai quakeNational News Bureau of Thailand

[headline]May 2, 2014[/headline]

Drought brings saline water deep into Mekong DeltaVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]May 1, 2014[/headline]

China’s New Economic Priorities Offer ‘Exit Strategy’ on Myitsone DamThe Irrawaddy

Vietnamese weep for water shortage, fear for water overabundanceVietnam Net Bridge

Responsible hydropower is part of the solutionWater Power & Dam Construction

[headline]April 30, 2014[/headline]

Vietnam screams for halt to Mekong dams as delta salts upThe Nation (Bangkok)

[headline]April 29, 2014[/headline]

Families, Monks Want Chinese Dam CanceledCambodia Daily

[headline]April 27, 2014[/headline]

Chinese-built hydropower plants ask for hiking the cost of electricity supplyEleven

[headline]April 23, 2014[/headline]

Rural Electricity Schemes Rife With Corruption, Insider SaysVoice of America – Khmer

[headline]April 22, 2014[/headline]

Laos to reach 7,000MW by 2016Vientiane Times

[headline]April 20, 2014[/headline]

Laos told to waitBangkok Post

[headline]April 19, 2014[/headline]

Ayeyawady dam protestors continue march northEleven News Myanmar

[headline]April 18, 2014[/headline]

Thai geologists warn Xayaburi dam is an earthquake riskAsia News

[headline]April 17, 2014[/headline]

Nam Ngum 5 provides assistance to affected villagersVientiane Times

[headline]April 15, 2014[/headline]

Ho Chi Minh Declaration dodges Mekong dams dispute: rivers

Fish-Friendly Dams? Scientists Race to Reduce Turbine TraumaNBC News

[headline]April 14, 2014[/headline]

Mekong River at risk as Laos forges ahead with dam-building spreeThanh Nien News

Making dams safer for fish around the world,

[headline]April 13, 2014[/headline]

Mekong hydropower dams: Laos considering, Vietnam needs “quick reactions”,Vietnam Net Bridge

[headline]April 09, 2014[/headline]

Mekong Summit Struggles to Halt Devastating DamsThe Diplomat

[headline]April 07, 2014<[/headline]

Cambodia voices opposition to Laos dam constructionWorld Bulletin

Mekong co-operation vital: PM DungVietnam Net Bridge

At Summit, Cambodia Urges Laos to Delay Dam ConstructionThe Cambodia Daily

Mekong nations commit to sustainabilityVientiane Times

At Mekong meet, all eyes on Laos damsThe Phnom Penh Post

[headline]April 05, 2014[/headline]

Laos recommended to consult MRC again on new hydropower projectTuoi Tre News

Mekong leaders adopt Ho Chi Minh City DeclarationTuoi Tre News

Mekong people power urgedBangkok Post

Activists dismayed at mekong summit outcomeBangkok Post

[headline]April 04, 2014[/headline]

Cambodia to call for moratorium on Laos’ dam during MRC summitShanghai Daily

Mekong summit calls for greater riparian co-operationVietnam Net Bridge

Concerns mount over Lao dam projects, ABC Radio Australia

Xekaman 1 Dam Brings Displacement and UnderdevelopmentInternational Rivers

[headline]April 3, 2014[/headline]

Intervention urged for damPhnom Penh Post

Xayabouri dam in Laos ‘23% complete’Bangkok Post

Controversial Lao dam on Mekong river almost a quarter completeThe Nation

Mass Displacement and Underdevelopment on the Sekong RiverInternational Rivers

[headline]April 1, 2014[/headline]

The illusions clouding Thailand’s energy outlookThe Nation

[headline]March 31, 2014[/headline]

Hundreds protest Laos damPhnom Penh Post

NGOs issue one more plea to stop XayabouriPhnom Penh Post

Environmental groups oppose controversial Laos dam on eve of regional summitThanh Nien News

[headline]March 30, 2014[/headline]

Water-Energy-Food nexus reaches crisis level in AsiaRadio Free Asia

NGOs set one-year deadline to stop Xayabouri damWWF Global

[headline]March 29, 2014[/headline]

Communities to stage four-day protest to stop Don Sahong damCambodia Daily

[headline]March 28, 2014[/headline]

Take lead in saving Mekong, government toldBangkok Post

EVN to replant 9,660 hectares of forest in hydropower projects, Vietnam Net Bridge

Lao company to develop Nam Ngum 4 damVientiane Times

[headline]March 27, 2014[/headline]

PM to fete controversial damPhnom Penh Post

Chinese firms face changing Myanmar societyGlobal Times

[headline]March 26, 2014[/headline]

Thai banks finance Lao hydropower projectVientiane Times

[headline]March 25, 2014[/headline]

Xayabouri dam 30% finished, says LaosPhnom Penh Post

[headline]March 24, 2014[/headline]

Myanmar marches seek cancellation of Chinese-backed dam projectSouth China Morning Post

US$26 million-plus goes to Myanmar hydropower projectsEleven Myanmar

Senior official answers questions over Don Sahong damVientiane Times

[headline]March 23, 2014[/headline]

Tapping a neighbour’s energyBangkok Post

Vietnam has plentiful resources for developing renewable energyVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]March 22, 2014[/headline]

Asean joins in hands in banning China’s dam projectsEleven Myanmar

[headline]March 21, 2014[/headline]

Protest to end Myitsone damRadio Free Asia

[headline]March 20, 2014[/headline]

Cambodia calls for Laos to reconsider Mekong damVoice of America

Tonle Sap Lake fisheries a concern for dam projectPhnom Penh Post

[headline]March 19, 2014[/headline]

Myanmar’s dam projects yielding more negative than positive effectsEleven Myanmar

[headline]March 15, 2014[/headline]

Over 33,500 people file petition against Thanlwin dam projectsEleven Myanmar

[headline]March 14, 2014[/headline]

Lower Mekong countries urge halt to Lao dam projectVoice of America

Dam critics unswayedPhnom Penh Post

[headline]March 13, 2014[/headline]

Connecting the dots… Phnom Penh Post

[headline]March 12, 2014[/headline]

Laos to break ground on Don Sahong dam in DecemberRadio Free Asia

[headline]March 11, 2014[/headline]

Myitsone dam bad ideaMyanmar Times

More power plants to begin commercial operationVientiane Times

Do massive dams ever make sense? BBC News

Asean ministers have to heed the Mekong’s plightBangkok Post

[headline]March 10, 2014[/headline]

Laos welcomes comments on Don Sahong damVientiane Times

Water shortages growing in Myanmar – activistThomas Reuters Foundation

[headline]March 7, 2014[/headline]

China has launched the largest water pipeline project in historyThe Atlantic

In Laos, poorly designed Don Sahong dam threatens MekongAsia News

[headline]March 6, 2014[/headline]

Dam developers hit backPhnom Penh Post

[headline]March 4, 2014[/headline]

Myanmar’s dams may be no showAsia Times

Burmese villagers exiled from ancestral home as fate of dam remains unclearThe Guardian

Chinese company to develop hydropower in XaysombounVientiane Times

[headline]March 3, 2014[/headline]

Wildlife group rebuts environmental assessment for Mekong dam projectVoice of America

Laos is going to build a dam that will kill off the last Irrawaddy dolphinsTIME

[headline]March 2, 2014[/headline]

Sydney scientist warns of Laos dam falloutThe Australian

[headline]February 28, 2014[/headline]

Cambodia’s floating villages face uncertain futureBangkok Post

[headline]February 27, 2014[/headline]

Hydropower plant to spur growth in strategic provinceEast Day

Da Nang raises water price on water storage caused by hydropower plantsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]February 26, 2014[/headline]

China Mekong dam project generates growing controversyVoice of America

[headline]February 24, 2014[/headline]

China’s Huaneng takes majority stake in Se San River II hydro project CambodiaWater Power 

Study documents being processed for Nam Theun 2 expansionVientiane Times

[headline]February 23, 2014[/headline]

Dispute over dam tests new MyanmarThe Wall Street Journal

Dam building slows in southeast AsiaThe Wall Street Journal

[headline]February 22, 2014[/headline]

Hydropower has future potential in national developmentVientiane Times

[headline]February 21, 2014[/headline]

Da Nang threatens to sue Ministry of Natural ResourcesVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]February 19, 2014[/headline]

Salween dam projects could affect Burma’s peace processThe Irrawaddy

China, Myanmar face Myitsone dam truthsAsia Times Online

MOIT steadfastly takes sides with hydropower plantsVietnam Net Bridge

Dam threatens survival of Mekong dolphinsWWF

[headline]February 18, 2014[/headline]

More Lao workers needed at Xayaboury dam siteVientiane Times

Luang Prabang hydropower development to surgeVientiane Times

Xayaboury dam construction not delayed by floodingVientiane Times

[headline]February 17, 2014[/headline]

Beijing’s hydroelectric policies: Tensions on the Mekong [infographic]Diplomatic Courier

Vietnam sets development of renewable energy top priority: expertsGlobal Times

[headline]February 16, 2014[/headline]

Myanmar to reap 10% from Thanlwin hydropower projectEleven Myanmar

[headline]February 14, 2014[/headline]

Chinese shift: Put the environment above GDP growthHuffington Post

Villagers want compensation for Lower Sesan 2 dam constructionThe Cambodia Daily

[headline]February 13, 2014[/headline]

Most rivers are cut into pieces by hydropower damsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]February 11, 2014[/headline]

Cambodia’s biggest dam begins test operationsThe Cambodia Daily

Government urged to review Thanlwin hydropower dam projectsEleven Myanmar

[headline]February 9, 2014[/headline]

Chinese-built dam in Cambodia starts test operationsWant China Times

[headline]February 3, 2014[/headline]

Campaign against Thanlywin hydropower projects launched todayEleven Myanmar

[headline]January 28, 2014[/headline]

Hydropower construction continues on Nam OuVientiane Times

[headline]January 23, 2014[/headline]

Activists slam Thanlwin dam projects for lacking transparencyEleven Myanmar

[headline]January 22, 2014[/headline]

Mekong states speak out on the Don Sahong damThe Interpreter

[headline]January 17, 2014[/headline]

No agreement on Laos damPhnom Penh Post

Government reiterates stance on Don Sahong dam projectVientiane Times

[headline]January 16, 2014[/headline]

Mekong countries call for Ministerial talks on Don Sahong damRadio Free Asia

MRC takes Don Sahong project discussions to ministerial levelMekong River Commission press release

[headline]January 14, 2014[/headline]

Mekong River Commission to meet on controversial Lao damRadio Free Asia

[headline]January 13, 2014[/headline]

Vietnam PM approves findings about power monopoly’s violationsThanh Nien News

[headline]January 11, 2014[/headline]

Laos holds Mekong livelihoods in its handsBangkok Post

[headline]January 10, 2014[/headline]

Protestors at Vietnam hydropower plant demand compensation for damaging housesThanh Nien News

[headline]January 9, 2014[/headline]

China should join Mekong River Commission: US OfficialRadio Free Asia

[headline]January 6, 2014[/headline]

Suu Kyi slams Myanmar government for leaving Myitsone dam ‘hanging’Radio Free Asia

[headline]January 5, 2014[/headline]

Dam the FishIPS News 

[headline]January 3, 2014[/headline]

Water impoundment begins at Cambodia’s lower Russei Chrum Krom hydropower plantHydro World

[headline]January 2, 2014[/headline]

Will Vietnam change time zone to GMT+8? Vietnam Net Bridge

[headline]December 31, 2013[/headline]

Who will save the mother-river of Myanmar? OpEd News

Policy for sustainable hydropower development being revisedVientiane Times

[headline]December 27, 2013[/headline]

China will favour Myanmar on controversial dam project, ACHC official saysEleven Myanmar

[headline]December 26, 2013[/headline]

Chinese investor assures transparency if Myanmar restarts dam projectRadio Free Asia

[headline]December 23, 2013[/headline]

Trung Son hydropower project in Vietnam: simple wishes for a better lifeThe World Bank

New policy proposed on hydropower development in Lao PDR puts developers interests firstInternational Rivers

[headline]December 19, 2013[/headline]

Rising Mekong halts Xayaboury workBangkok Post

Xayaboury dam construction halts as Mekong river rises, floods siteVientiane Times

[headline]December 18, 2013[/headline]

Cambodian dam feeding false hopesAsia Times Online

Cambodia seeks collaboration despite criticism of Lower Se San 2 hydro projectHydro World

[headline]December 17, 2013[/headline]

Dam the fishIndependent European Daily Express

[headline]December 14, 2013[/headline]

The Mekong must run freeThe Ecologist

[headline]December 13, 2013[/headline]

Govt revokes agreement with Russian company on dam developmentVientiane Times

[headline]December 12, 2013[/headline]

Cambodian villagers petition Chinese Embassy to scrap dam projectsRadio Free Asia

[headline]December 9, 2013[/headline]

Working group on Laos hydropower sustainability launchedRadio Free Asia

[headline]December 6, 2013[/headline]

Hydropower developers working group launched in LaosGlobal Post

[headline]December 4, 2013[/headline]

Xe Pian Xe Namnoy hydropower construction set to beginVientiane Times

Dam dilemmas: Laos cashes in on hydroAsian Correspondent

[headline]December 3, 2013[/headline]

Mekong dams a long-term risk to food securityCambodia Daily

Construction in Laos to start soon: RatchThe Nation

Nation faces energy, water resources challengesViet Nam Net Bridge

Vietnam asks Laos to consult Mekong countries before building damThanh Nien News

[headline]December 2, 2013[/headline]

Nations unite against damPhnom Penh Post

[headline]November 30, 2013[/headline]

Scientists: The Saigon river is dyingThe Diplomat

[headline]November 29, 2013[/headline]

Cambodian hydropower project threatens food securityFood Processing

[headline]November 28, 2013[/headline]

Damming the MekongThe Diplomat

[headline]November 27, 2013[/headline]

Lao dam project raises Mekong fearAsia Times

[headline]November 26, 2013[/headline]

‘Millions’ to be made off energy efficiencyPhnom Penh Post

[headline]November 25, 2013[/headline]

Vietnam makes way for power price hikes of up to 10 per centThanh Nien News

[headline]November 22, 2013[/headline]

Unsafe hydropower plants must be shut down: PremierTuoitre News

Vietnam dams reviled over high death tollThanh Nien News

Proposed Laos dam on the Mekong raises ecological fearsSouth China Morning Post

[headline]November 21, 2013[/headline]

Opponents of Don Sahong dam call for MRC consultationBangkok Post

[headline]November 19, 2013[/headline]

Fishing in troubled watersBangkok Post

Mekong body urged to oppose Lao dam projectBangkok Post

Hydropower reservoirs discharge water, lowland people flooded outVietnam Net Bridge

Dam channel’s classification hotly debated, Phnom Penh Post

[headline]November 18, 2013[/headline]

Nam Theun 2 Affected People Left in DarkInternational Rivers

Laos mutes opposition to controversial Mekong damChina Dialogue

Government targets sustainable fishing practices in the southVientiane Times

[headline]November 17, 2013[/headline]

Locals air criticisms of controversial Lao damPhnom Penh Post

[headline]November 16, 2013[/headline]

Laos dam criticism prematureThe Nation

Vietnam doubts sustainability of second Lao dam project on MekongRadio Free Asia

Don Sahong charm offensive fails to sway skepticsThe Cambodia Daily

[headline]November 15, 2013[/headline]

Don Sahong dam surrounded by myths: expertVientiane Times

Vietnam makes PM nod mandatory for all hydropower projectsThanh Nien News

Obayashi to build hydropower plantThe Japan News

Study calls for halt to damsPhnom Penh Post

Monks, young and old, march in protest of Cambodian hydroelectric projectClimate Progress 

[headline]November 14, 2013[/headline]

Laos’ trial and error approach threatens the MekongThe Nation

Chinese hydropower electrifies southeast Asia, but at a costThe Conversation

Villagers barred from fishing at Don Sahong dam siteRadio Free Asia

China at crossroads: balancing the economy and environmentYale Environment

[headline]November 13, 2013[/headline]

Sahong dam not on Mekong mainstream: engineerVientiane Times

The fate of people displaced by the Mekong damsChina Dialogue

Life in the shadow of the Mekong damsChina Dialogue

[headline]November 12, 2013[/headline]

Laos pushes ahead with second Mekong dam projectRadio Free Asia

[headline]November 11, 2013[/headline]

Laos chided for ‘selling’ dam projectPhnom Penh Post

Laos seeks to pacify neighbours over Don Sahong damVientiane Times

[headline]November 10, 2013[/headline]

Laos seeks to soothe neighbors over Mekong damGlobal Times

[headline]November 7, 2013[/headline]

‘Dirty tricks’ ahead of Mae Wong Dam hearing todayThe Nation

Moratorium needed on Mekong river damsNational Geographic

[headline]November 6, 2013[/headline]

Myitsone dam project on hold, but far from deadThe Irrawaddy

China’s Dam Boom “a Faustian bargain”China Digital Times

NGOs threaten to sue over Don Sahong damPhnom Penh Post

[headline]November 5, 2013[/headline]

Hearing backs Mae Wong damBangkok Post

Hydropower potential almost fully tapped: National AssemblyViet Nam Bridge

New Mekong dam will soon wipe out endangered Irawaddy dolphin, enviros sayGlobal Post

[headline]November 4, 2013[/headline]

China’s dam boom is an assault on its great riversThe Guardian

[headline]November 3, 2013[/headline]

Second Lao dam upsets neighboursBangkok Post

Laos: Open for business, closed to the publicInternational Rivers

[headline]November 2, 2013[/headline]

Environmentalists declare the Mekong under threatAsian Correspondent

[headline]November 1, 2013[/headline]

Lowland people get afraid of hydropower plantsViet Nam Bridge

Double trouble on the MekongThe Interpreter

Critics say Laos dam harm-mitigation plan is untested, unprovenThe Cambodia Daily 

[headline]October 31, 2013[/headline]

Burma Rivers Network – Govt backed dam projects fuels conflict, not peaceKaren News

Lao consultants give dam the thumbs upPhnom Penh Post

[headline]October 29, 2013[/headline]

Salween dams raise doubt over Myanmar peace plansThe Irrawaddy

[headline]October 28, 2013[/headline]

Legislators mull hydropower development master planTuoitre News

Dam politicsGlobal Times

[headline]October 27, 2013[/headline]

Government orders thorough review of hydropower plantsSaigon GP Daily

[headline]October 26, 2013[/headline]

Cambodian fury over proposed dam tempered by fear of authorities’ iron fistThomas Reuters Foundation

[headline]October 25, 2013[/headline]

Hydro plant in the pipeline for ChampassakVientiane Times

[headline]October 24, 2013[/headline]

Laos dam threatens fishermens’ livelihoodsAl Jazeera

[headline]October 23, 2013[/headline]

Vietnam repeats “hydropower mistake” with oil refineries?Vietnam Net Bridge

[headline]October 22, 2013[/headline]

China-backed power plant starts distribution in Kachin stateEleven Myanmar

China’s unrelenting hydropower growthCircle of Blue

China sweeps aside civilians in rush for hydropowerThe Guardian

Calls for Angkor beer boycott over Laos dam investmentCambodia Daily

[headline]October 20, 2013[/headline]

Activists urge Yingluck to block Laos dam projectsBangkok Post

[headline]October 17, 2013[/headline]

Angkor beer chief behind controversial Laos border damCambodia Daily

[headline]October 15, 2013[/headline]

Environmental manager defends Laos dam projectPhnom Penh Post

Dam building not the sole cause of declining fisheriesThe Nation

Dam site is channel not river: LaosThe Nation

[headline]October 12, 2013[/headline]

Thailand signs GMS power project accord with ChinaBangkok Post

[headline]October 11, 2013[/headline]

Officials criticize Laos over Don Sahong damCambodia Daily

[headline]October 10, 2013[/headline]

Laos’ Mekong dam moves stir up public discontentThe Nation

Cambodia be dammed: Laos moves ahead with hydro projectAsian Correspondent

Rising Battambang dam levels add to Cambodian flooding concernsRadio Free Asia

[headline]October 9, 2013[/headline]

Myanmar dam progress urgedBangkok Post

[headline]October 8, 2013[/headline]

Thailand plans to buy more electricity from MyanmarBernama

Environmentalists say dam project could be disastrousCambodia Daily

Environmental concerns prompt Vietnam to cancel two damsInternational Rivers

[headline]October 7, 2013[/headline]

Messing up the Mekong: Laos plans a second huge damTIME 

Mekong dams put Cambodian food security at riskBangkok Post

WWF says urgent meeting needed over new Laos damCambodia Daily

Government notifies MRC on Don Sahong damVientiane Times

[headline]October 4, 2013[/headline]

Laos gives Mekong dam go-ahead despite ecologists’ fearsThe Nation

Activists want government to block Laos dam planBangkok Post

Locals duped by power plant promisesViet Nam News

Myanmar mulling building more hydropower projectsMizzima

Controversial Don Sahong dam closer to constructionLowy Interpreter

Controversial dam approved on Cambodia-Laos borderCambodia Daily

Government shuts down Vietnam’s Dong Nai 6, 6A hydropower projectsHydroWorld

[headline]October 3, 2013[/headline]

Laos pushes ahead with Mekong dam without consulting neighboursReuters UK

Lao PDR submits notification on Don Sahong Hydropower projectMekong River Commission

[headline]October 1, 2013[/headline]

Laos informs neighbours on hydro developmentVientiane Times

[headline]September 30, 2013[/headline]

PM decided to rescue Cat Tien national parkVietnam Net Bridge

Flood sweeps three, including one Chinese, into hydropower tunnelVietnam Net Bridge

Vietnam decides to scrap 2 hydropower dams on environment concernsThanh Nien News

Kachin residents want Myitsone dam scrappedRadio Free Asia

[headline]September 27, 2013[/headline]

Chinese bank to issue loans for hydropower development on Nam OuVientiane Times

[headline]September 26, 2013[/headline]

Chinese investments not cause of poor governance in Southeast AsiaGlobal Times

Government ditches Mae Wong dam planBangkok Post

Thai flood prevention dam draws criticismVoice of America 

Not-so-clean hydropower is damming us allNational Geographic

[headline]September 25, 2013[/headline]

How a dam brought land rights for displaced people in LaosDevex

[headline]September 20, 2013[/headline]

Opening the floodgatesThe Economist

[headline]September 19, 2013[/headline]

Mekong fish trade grows, boosting employmentVientiane Times

[headline]September 18, 2013[/headline]

Vietnam remains poor amid golden forest and silver seaVietnam Net Bridge

Xekong relocates villagers for new dam projectVientiane Times

[headline]September 17, 2013[/headline]

Floods from dam water release spreadBangkok Post

[headline]September 16, 2013 [/headline]

Hydropower plants projected with deforestationVietnam Net Bridge

Selling the MekongBangkok Post

[headline]September 14, 2013 [/headline]

Controversial Mekong dam could devastate local populationSouth China Morning Post

[headline]September 12, 2013[/headline]

Investors pull the plug on hydropowerThanh Nien Daily

Private power plants ready to sell electricity to marketEleven Myanmar

What way forward for Myitsone dam?Global Times

Hydropower project: More harm than good, ministry saysTuoi Tre News

[headline]September 11, 2013[/headline]

Surveys begin on Borikhamxay damsVientiane Times

Lao Villagers Displaced by Dam Await Farmland Six Months After RelocationRadio Free Asia

[headline]September 10, 2013[/headline]

Hydropower plant project threatens Yok Don National ParkVietnam Net Bridge

Burma: Will the Myitsone Dam project resume? Asian Correspondent

The battle over Yunnan’s hydropowerThe Third Pole

[headline]September 09, 2013[/headline]

Living disquietedly on reservoir areasVietnam Net Bridge

Ayeyarwady hydro dams in limboMyanmar Times

[headline]September 07, 2013[/headline]

Fish-friendly? A dam takes shape, but fierce opposition continuesThe Economist

The fate of hydropower plant project in national park unclearVietnam Net Bridge

Bill may rise threefold if govt allows electric power privatizationEleven Media

Xayaboury dam ‘not harming the Mekong’, Thai reporters toldVientiane Times

[headline]September 06, 2013[/headline]

Myanmar Rivers Network calls suspension of dam projectsEleven Media

[headline]September 05, 2013[/headline]

Chinese ‘confident’ Burma will re-open Myitsone damDemocratic Voice of Burma

China Wants Another Try at Myanmar DamWall Street Journal

Investors trying to withdraw from unprofitable hydro-power projectsVietnam Net Bridge

60% of investment already paid for suspended Myitsone dam: Chinese developerThe Irrawaddy

[headline]September 04, 2013[/headline]

Wildlife capture in Mekog Delta flood seasonVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]September 03, 2013[/headline]

Planned Mekong dams need environmental assessmentSciDevNet

Burma Rivers Network welcomes India’s cancellation of Tamanthi Dam, urges China and Thailand to take similar environmental responsibility, Shan State Herald

China promises further cooperation with MRCVientiane Times

[headline]August 31, 2013[/headline]

Electricity in Vietnam: A Heavy LoadThe Economist

Vietnam Worried About Dam Safety in Rainy SeasonWall Street Journal (Blog)

[headline]August 30, 2013[/headline]

Myanmar’s Myitsone dam project faces uncertain futureChannel News Asia

[headline]August 29, 2013[/headline]

Floods in Mekong Delta prove lucrative for localsVietnam Net Bridge

Expert commentators discuss Mekong basin developmentVientiane Times

Xayaboury dam should proceed as scheduled, official saysVientiane Times

PM’s Xayaboury visit puts spotlight on reforestationVientiane Times

[headline]August 28, 2013[/headline]

Developers ink concession agreement for Borikhamxay damVientiane Times

Chinese projects in Mekong River basin hurt environment: reportChina Daily

[headline]August 27, 2013[/headline]

Xayaboury dam: extensive research generates reassuranceVientiane Times

Dozens of Chinese Cities Under Threat of Dam CollapseRadio Free Asia

[headline]August 23, 2013[/headline]

Species under threat at Ramsar wetlands siteVientiane Times

[headline]August 21, 2013[/headline]

Foreign media bias on Xayaboury dam? Vientiane Times

[headline]August 20, 2013[/headline]

Mekong Delta’s rice turn fragile to hydropower plantsVietnam Net Bridge

China And Southeast Asia: Unbalanced Development In The Greater Mekong SubregionEurasia Reviev

[headline]August 19, 2013[/headline]

Conserving biodiversity, sustaining Mekong livelihoodsVientiane Times

[headline]August 17, 2013[/headline]

New hydropower plant in the pipeline for XekongVientiane Times

[headline]August 15, 2013[/headline]

Chinese envoy says momentum good to restart Myitsone damSouth China Morning Post

Govt demonstrates transparency over Xayaboury damVientiane Times

[headline]August 14, 2013[/headline]

Ch Karnchang wins Bt20bn hydro power projectThe Nation (Bangkok)

Nam Ngum dam water levels rise; release not expectedVientiane Times

Xayaboury dam developers pledge ‘well-being’ of relocated villagersVientiane Times

[headline]August 13, 2013[/headline]

Villagers Awaiting Xayaburi Relocation Hit by FloodsRadio Free Asia

China Seeks Burmese Support to Restart Myitsone DamThe Irrawaddy

Diplomat supports sustainable development of Xayaboury damVientiane Times

[headline]August 10, 2013[/headline]

China and India ‘water grab’ dams put ecology of Himalayas in dangerThe Guardian

[headline]August 8, 2013[/headline]

Two hydro projects ready to go in SaravanVientiane Times

[headline]August 1, 2013[/headline]

Power prices in Vietnam go up againThanh Nien News

Workshop discusses livelihood concerns in Nam Ngum River BasinVientiane Times

[headline]July 31, 2013[/headline]

Laos Confirms ‘Preparatory’ Work on Controversial Dam ProjectRadio Free Asia

[headline]July 29, 2013[/headline]

Mae Wong dam poses grim threat to endangered tigersBangkok Post

[headline]July 25, 2013[/headline]

Sustainable fisheries management required for food securityVientiane Times

[headline]July 24, 2013[/headline]

Vietnam advisory agency calls for making Central Highlands off limits for new hydropower plantsThanh Nien News

China fails to build trust with Mekong neighboursChina Dialogue

[headline]July 22, 2013[/headline]

No more new hydropower plants in Central HighlandsSaigon Giai Phong

Officials praise Xayaboury Dam’s conceptVientiane Times

[headline]July 19, 2013[/headline]

Chinese ambassador casts doubt on Myitsone resumptionMyanmar Times

[headline]July 18, 2013[/headline]

Hydropower risky, at nature’s mercy, warns expertThanh Nien News

[headline]July 16, 2013[/headline]

Progress on Don Sahong dam sets off a time bomb for Mekong fishInternational Rivers

The World Bank is bringing back big, bad damsGuardian Environment Blog

China needs to change its energy strategy in the Mekong regionChina Dialogue

[headline]July 12, 2013[/headline]

EVN borrows $690 million for new hydropower plantVietnam Breaking News

[headline]July 11, 2013[/headline]

Laos commits to follow Mekong agreementVientiane Times

[headline]July 08, 2013[/headline]

Vietnam halts 18 hydropower plant projectsThanh Nien News

[headline]July 07, 2013[/headline]

Why does International Rivers oppose hydropower development in the Lao PDRVientiane Times

Ten months, three hydropower dams brokeVietnam Net Bridge

Cambodian Prime Minister attends operation ceremony of Kirilo StationChina Daily

[headline]July 02, 2013[/headline]

Trouble on the MekongThe Diplomat

[headline]July 01, 2013[/headline]

Dark days for villagers relocated to make way for Xayaburi damRadio Free Asia

Report shows cause for Vietnam dam

Malaysian developer spells out plans for Don Sahong damVientiane Times

Thailand may build more power plants abroadBernama

[headline]June 28, 2013[/headline]

Ministry launches overall inspection over hydropower qualitySaigon Giai Phong

Feasibility study begins on Nam Theun 4 dam in LaosVientiane Times

[headline]June 27, 2013[/headline]

Lao dam unapproved yet underway: NGOThe Phnom Penh Post

Work on new dam threatens havoc for Mekong environmentThe Nation (Thailand)

Japan provides loan for Nam Ngum hydropower boostVientiane Times

[headline]June 26, 2013[/headline]

Second Lao dam on Mekong under way, environmental groups sayThe Nation (Thailand)

Warning over Laos dam constructionBangkok Post

[headline]June 25, 2013[/headline]

Lao dams, mining, ruining Sekong water quality in CambodiaRadio Free Asia

Profiling change in Burma: Living along the banks of Myanmar’s Irrawaddy RiverGlobal Post

Burma to reassess massive resource deals: Asia SocietyDemocratic Voice of Burma

[headline]June 24, 2013[/headline]

Study on new dam in XayabouryVientiane Times

[headline]June 22, 2013[/headline]

Hydropower plants threat to central highlandsSaigon Giai Phong

[headline]June 21, 2013[/headline]

Hydropower project makes forest land in Da Nang unusedVietnam Net Bridge

So where’s the green in Thailand’s green growth? Bangkok Post

[headline]June 20, 2013[/headline]

Dams threaten Mekong basin food supplyInter Press Service

Dams could signal death knell for Mekong giant catfishWWF

Hydropower must win hearts and minds in local communitiesThe Guardian

[headline]June 19, 2013[/headline]

Giant catfish caught in Tien river in Mekong deltaVietnam Net Bridge

Mekong dams threaten extinction of giant catfishRadio Free Asia

How civil society groups improved electricity in ThailandWorld Resources Institute

Many provinces fail to monitor small hydropower projectsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]June 18, 2013[/headline]

Small dam construction to reduce greenhouse emissions is causing ecosystem

Assistance for villagers resettled by Xayaburi dam to last one yearRadio Free Asia

[headline]June 17, 2013[/headline]

Construction quality blamed in Vietnam dam breakThanh Nien News

Fish catch declines in the Mekong riverMinda News

[headline]June 15, 2013[/headline]

Businesses moaning about electricity price increasesVietnam Net Bridge

Fish releases aimed to protect plateau watersChina Daily USA

[headline]June 14, 2013[/headline]

Construction commences on Huaphan hydropower plantVientiane Times

Cambodians slam China backed damVoice of America

Law amendments to ensure effective water resources managementVientiane Times

River be damnedBrisbane Times

Toshiba wins hydropower order in LaosThe Nation (Thailand)

Dam breach destroys cassava fields, rubber plantations in central VietnamThanh Nien News

Don Sahong dam to boost power supply in southern LaosVientiane Times

[headline]June 13, 2013[/headline]

Dam developer promotes better fishing practicesVientiane Times

[headline]June 12, 2013[/headline]

Mekong  delta formulates environmental planVietnam Net Bridge

A tale of two rivers: Southwest China’s hydropower playWorld Policy

EGAT signs deal with ChinaBangkok Post

Xayaboury dam project plans massive recruitment driveVientiane Times

Dam collapses in Vietnam’s central

Red dirt and pebbles: For farmers, broken promises at the Myitsone damThe Irrawaddy

[headline]June 11, 2013[/headline]

China to strengthen cooperation with GMSChina Daily USA

Laos, financial institutions working on hydro-project development

Resettled villagers head towards sustainable livelihoodsVientiane Times

IFC helps Laos to revise water lawVientiane Times 

[headline]June 10, 2013[/headline]

Thailand to buy electricity from Southern ChinaBernama

88 generation activists meet main backers of Myitsone damThe Irrawaddy

GMS cooperation provides impetus for China’s southwestern development: ex deputy-PMShanghai Daily

[headline]June 09, 2013[/headline]

Developing a lot of power plants; EVN still buys Chinese electricityVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]June 07, 2013[/headline]

Theun-hinboun spends on social measuresVientiane Times

[headline]June 06, 2013[/headline]

India scraps two huge hydropower projects in BurmaThe Irrawaddy

Laos explains its hydropower policyVientiane Times

Hungary, Thailand agree to cooperate on water managementThe Nation (Thailand)

[headline]June 05, 2013[/headline]

Dam firm violated lawThe Phnom Penh Post

40 percent of small hydropower plants eliminatedVietnam Net Bridge

Coping with climate changeVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]June 04, 2013[/headline]

Laos commits to international hydropower standardsVientiane Times

Mekong communities tell of hardship from hydropower damsThe Cambodia Daily

[headline]June 02, 2013[/headline]

Energy ministry to import more powerBangkok Post

Myanmar attracting major energy

[headline]June 01, 2013[/headline]

The heavy load on rivers easedVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]May 31, 2013[/headline]

Mekong dams threaten Burmese fishing, rice farming: ActivistsThe Irrawaddy

Bac Lieu wind-power project comes on lineVietnam Net Bridge

Under construction river embankment falls into Can Tho riverSaigon Giai Phong

[headline]May 30, 2013[/headline]

World Bank announces renewed support for large

Small dams on Chinese river threaten environment more than expectedRed Orbit

Big dams are booming business but politics remain difficultE&E Publishing

[headline]May 28, 2013[/headline]

Villagers displaced by the Myitsone dam want their land backBurma News International

Hope amid the dams and dangersNew York Times

[headline]May 25, 2013[/headline]

As Burma opens critical NGOs look inAsian Correspondent

Second chance for rare turtlesBangkok Post

[headline]May 24, 2013[/headline]

Electricity co-operation crucialThe Phnom Penh Post

A vital river, drained of wildlifeNew York Times

Lower Mekong initiative and friends of the lower Mekong senior officials meetings in Brunei DarussalamUS Department of State

[headline]May 23, 2013[/headline]

The end of the small scale hydropower  plantsVietnam Net Bridge

NGOs step up pressure on firms bidding to exploit Burma’s resourcesThe Irrawaddy

Deltas under the microscopeVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]May 22, 2013[/headline]

On Salween river, growing signs that work on Hat Gyi dam resumesThe Irrawaddy

[headline]May 21, 2013[/headline]

China approves another mega-dam that will imperil endangered

Little effective progress after Asia Pacific water summitRadio Ausralia

[headline]May 20, 2013[/headline]

Ministry steps up efforts to increase forest coverVientiane Times

KNU protests as EGAT marks Salween river Hat Gyi Dam siteKaren News

IHA releases hydropower project sustainability

Plague of deforestation sweeps across South-East AsiaThe Guardian

Govt reviews progress towards environmentally friendly developmentVientiane Times

[headline]May 18, 2013[/headline]

Dam obstruction: Nu river construction must ceaseThe Choate News

[headline]May 16, 2013[/headline]

China gives environmental assessment for hydropower plantXinhua

Can a few monks save the Cardamom forest? The Global Mail

Province asks PM to stop hydropower projectsTuoitrenews

May 15, 2013[/headline]

Mekong and Salween dams in the newsThe Interpreter

[headline]May 14, 2013[/headline]

In Cambodia, China fuels deadly illegal logging tradeTIME

Rainforest plays critical role in hydropower generationBBC

[headline]May 12, 2013[/headline]

China showers wary towns in Myanmar with giftsWall Street Journal

[headline]May 11, 2013[/headline]

Drought in central region caused by hydropower plantSaigon Giai Phong

[headline]May 10, 2013[/headline]

Work underway on ‘disastrous’ Cambodian damDeutsche Welle

Chinese hydrodam remains a concern, mystery to localsVoice of America (Khmer)

Ratanakkiri hydropower dams deemed economically viableThe Cambodia Daily

World Bank resumes “support for hydropower”Vientiane Times

[headline]May 09, 2013[/headline]

Thein Sein enjoys Myitsone praise as dams on Salween secretly proceedThe Irrawaddy

Natural resources could pay for nationwide primary education: ReportVientiane Times

[headline]May 08, 2013[/headline]

World Bank turns to hydropower to square development with climate changeWashington Post

[headline]May 07, 2013[/headline]

Work begins on controversial Cambodian damVoice of America

NGOs barred from meeting villagers relocated for Lao power plantRadio Free Asia

[headline]May 06, 2013[/headline]

China revives Tibetan river dam projectHindustan Times

[headline]May 05, 2013[/headline]

EVN about to raise electricity price; businesses tremble like a leaf, Vietnam Net Bridge

[headline]May 03, 2013[/headline]

Villagers want KNU protection against dam projectKaren News

[headline]May 02, 2013[/headline]

Time to use the resources we have in abundanceThe Nation (Thailand)

New forest loss figures highlight need for green growth in Greater MekongWWF

[headline]May 01, 2013[/headline]

China sets out ‘green’ guidelines for energy firmsAsia Times Online

Lao officials impressed by Australian damVientiane Times

[headline]April 29, 2013[/headline]

28,000 Rivers Disappeared in China: What Happened? The Atlantic

IHA to highlight hydroelectric power sustainability at upcoming 2013 World

JICA begins survey for Champassak damVientiane Times

[headline]April 27, 2013[/headline]

Mekong Delta poorly funded to tackle climate changeVietnam Net Bridge

Lao officials to study sustainable hydro development in AustraliaVientiane Times

[headline]April 26, 2013[/headline]

Mekong countries push sustainabilityVietnam Net Bridge

Laos leads the way for fish futures in AseanVientiane Times

[headline]April 25, 2013[/headline]

In pictures: Damming Laos’ Mekong RiverAl Jezeera

Vietnam to host Lower Mekong Initiative meetingNZ Week

[headline]April 24, 2013[/headline]

Mekong Agreement backs sustainable development in the regionVientiane Times

[headline]April 23, 2013[/headline]

Rising demand for energy drives Lao hydro developmentVientiane Times

The river of plenty: uncovering the secrets of the amazing

[headline]April 22, 2013[/headline]

Afforestation in return for hydropower plants ignoredTuoi Tre News

Fish Passages a Poor Match for Mekong Dams’ ImpactsInternational Rivers

[headline]April 21, 2013[/headline]

Water diversion project under fireBangkok Post

[headline]April 20, 2013[/headline]

Delta ecosystems under threatVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]April 19, 2013[/headline]

Xayaboury dam designed to protect fish speciesVientiane Times

[headline]April 18, 2013[/headline]

Lies, threats at dam sitePhnom Penh Post

[headline]April 17, 2013[/headline]

Concerns Arise Over China’s Dam Building Drive in Tibet, HydroWorld

[headline]April 16, 2013[/headline]

China’s ups and downs in Myanmar open the door for Japanbeyondbrics

Ministry avoids blame on water shortageTuoi Tre News

[headline]April 15, 2013[/headline]

Myanmar cleans house – China’s worst nightmare? beyondbrics

[headline]April 12, 2013[/headline]

A Dam Too Far in LaosAsia Times

[headline]April 11, 2013[/headline]

Hydropower plants destroy vast forest areaVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]April 10, 2013[/headline]

Threat of power crisis slowly liftsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]April 09, 2013[/headline]

Lawmakers sounding off on destructive hydropower damsThanh Nien Daily

Mekong study predicts crop shiftsBangkok Post

[headline]April 08, 2013[/headline]

Chinese fear burnt hands in MyanmarGlobal Times

Could Thailand face energy blackouts? Energy Live News

[headline]April 06, 2013[/headline]

Vietnamese always at a disadvantage when doing business with ChineseVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]April 05, 2013[/headline]

Shan army told to make way for Salween DamMizzima

Erosion threatens Mekong housesVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]April 04, 2013[/headline]

Authorities ignore damages caused by hydropowerTuoi Tre News

EGAT urges for long-term measures against possible energy shortage in the futureNational News Bureau of Thailand

[headline]April 03, 2013[/headline]

Laos: Development wins; human rights, environment loseAsian Correspondent

Hydropower plants asked to discharge water to mitigate droughtsVietnam Net Bridge

Central region in drought due to hydropower plantTuoi Tre News

Laos: Rhetoric Vs. Reality? – AnalysisEurasia Review

[headline]April 02, 2013[/headline]

Additional 300 megawatts of Thailand’s electricity use forecasted for April 5Pattaya Mail

[headline]April 01, 2013[/headline]

Thousands displaced by Tamanthi Dam in northern MyanmarCatholic Online

Climate change to affect Mekong

[headline]March 31, 2013[/headline]

Climate change will harm Mekong basin harvestsClimate Central

[headline]March 29, 2013[/headline]

Chinese Investments in Cambodia Ignore Environment QueriesThe Irrawaddy

In Washington, ‘Mekong Days’ Puts River in FocusVoice of America

[headline]March 28, 2013[/headline]

Dried-up Mekong River inflicts 450 million baht loss to Chiang Rai; Haze remains criticalNational News Bureau of Thailand

[headline]March 27, 2013[/headline]

Documentary Looks at Impact of Mekong DamsVoice of America – Khmer

[headline]March 26, 2013[/headline]

Serious water shortages in the Mekong Delta thirstTuoi Tre News

Cabinet approval of power grid development to accommodate electricity purchase from LaosNational News Bureau of Thailand

China-backed dams escalating ethnic tension in MyanmarChina Dialogue

Fish passage not a problem, dam builders sayVientiane Times

[headline]March 25, 2013[/headline]

China, Thailand invest in hydropowerMyanmar Times

China’s electricity industry faces severe water shortages and that could be good news for the environmentQuartz

[headline]March 24, 2013[/headline]

Sufficient power guaranteed during Myanmar gas suspensionNational News Bureau of Thailand

Relocated villagers to get similar payouts from Xayaboury dam buildersVientiane Times

[headline]March 22, 2013[/headline]

SME: energy sector needs to be organisedCambodia Daily

WWF exposes seven sins of dam buildingWorld Wildlife Fund

Dam builders upgrade roads for relocated villagersVientiane Times

[headline]March 21, 2013[/headline]

Laos urged to revise energy production and supply policyVientiane Times

[headline]March 20, 2103[/headline]

Work Resumes on Controversial Salween River DamThe Irrawaddy

[headline]March 19, 2013[/headline]

Xayaburi dam presents no risks to environment, Lao governmentGlobal Times

Sustainable dams can reduce poverty in Laos: IFC officialVientiane Times

[headline]March 18, 2013[/headline]

Fate of Salween Dams remains unclearMizzima News

IFC backs Lao hydropower development policyVientiane Times

[headline]March 17, 2013[/headline]

IFC to assist Laos on sustainabilityPower Engineering International

Protested dam to undergo environmental, social impact analysisEleven

[headline]March 16, 2013[/headline]

Passage for Bt7.3-bn power transmission line from LaosThe Nation (Thailand)

[headline]March 15, 2013[/headline]

Myanmar marks Int’l Rivers Day organizing anti-dams gatheringEleven

Myanmar ethnics pray for an end to a Chinese-backed damEleven

Hydro-power plants halted over eco-fearsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]March 14, 2013[/headline]

Several provinces stop hydropower projectsVietnam Net Bridge

Thailand must help its neighbours get over the dam fadBangkok Post

Laos Chided for Lack of Sustainability in DamsRadio Free Asia

[headline]March 13, 2013[/headline]

Hong Kong firm to clear land for Nam Ngum 3 reservoirVientiane Times

World’s largest freshwater fish threatenedBangkok Post

[headline]March 12, 2013[/headline]

Kon Tum province in Vietnam bans development of hydropower projectsEnergy Business Review

People of the Sekaman River Prioritize River Restoration and ReparationInternational Rivers

[headline]March 11, 2013[/headline]

Several provinces stop hydropower projectsSaigon Daily

[headline]March 8, 2013[/headline]

Myanmar Rises to Challenge of Environmental ConservationAsia Society

[headline]March 7, 2013[/headline]

Thailand as electricity hubThe Nation (Thailand)

Flood projects need scrutinyBangkok Post

[headline]March 6, 2013[/headline]

Mekong Delta attacked by saltwaterVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]March 5, 2013[/headline]

Xayaboury dam will drive economic growth in Laos: economistVientiane Times

[headline]March 2, 2013[/headline]

Son La Hydropower Plant – project of the centuryVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]March 1, 2013[/headline]

Govt Takes Flack for Lack of Transparency on Salween Dam PlansThe Irrawaddy

[headline]February 28, 2013[/headline]

Officials seek solutions to community resettlement issuesVientiane Times

Guaranteeing Chinese Overseas Dams – By Whom and at What Cost? International Rivers

[headline]February 27, 2013[/headline]

Lao energy investor’s revenues surgeVientiane Times

[headline]February 26, 2013[/headline]

Operations commence at 18MW Kirirom III hydro power plant in CambodiaEnergy Business Review

EGAT invests in hydropower project in LaosThe Nation (Thailand)

[headline]February 25, 2013[/headline]

PM Hun Sen ushers in new damThe Phnom Penh Post

[headline]February 23, 2013[/headline]

3rd China-invested hydropower dam begins operation in Southwestern CambodiaXinhua

China, ASEAN willing to cooperate more on hydropowerChina Daily

[headline]February 22, 2013[/headline]

Regional Bank, IMF Note Risks to Government’s Dam GuaranteeThe Cambodia Daily

Govt reveals plan for energy crisisBangkok Post

[headline]February 21, 2012[/headline]

Laos Suspends Some Infrastructure Projects Pending New SafeguardsThe Nation (Thailand)

[headline]February 20, 2013[/headline]

Move to lift energy efficiency in CambodiaThe Phnom Penh Post

Egat in a hurry to embrace ‘clean coal’Bangkok Post

Power supply warning should be a wake-up callThe Nation (Thailand)

[headline]February 19, 2013[/headline]

Egat warns of April blackoutsBangkok Post

Study sets Xayaboury irrigation scheme back on trackVientiane Times

Thailand to face April energy crisis?

Russian hydropower group named in

Little, landlocked Laos: Pawn or pivot in Asia’s future? Asian

EGAT assures no blackoutThe Nation (Thailand)

[headline]February 18, 2013[/headline]

Energy conservation campaign plannedThe Nation (Thailand)

China powers its way through

[headline]February 16, 2013[/headline]

Cambodian Lawmakers Approve $781 Million Guarantee for Dam DealThe Irrawaddy

Officials voice concern over level of Nam Xuang ReservoirThe Vientiane Times

[headline]February 14, 2013[/headline]

Villagers Petition Against DamRadio Free Asia

Forestry cover target could be out of reachVientiane Times

[headline]February 12, 2013[/headline]

Dam in Northeast Built on Earthquake Site, Study FindsVoice of America

[headline]February 8, 2013[/headline]

Nam Lik 1 power dam construction to begin soonVientiane Times

[headline]February 5, 2013[/headline]

Three more hydropower plants for southern LaosVientiane Times

Aquatic conservation project commences in Lower Mekong BasinVientiane Times

Govt pledges to release Xayaboury dam design dataVientiane Times

After Xayaburi, it’s time for some ‘hydro-diplomacy’Bangkok Post

[headline]February 4, 2013[/headline]

Govt details action under Mekong AgreementVientiane Times

Govt approves land lease for hydropower projectVientiane Times

[headline]February 1, 2013[/headline]

Denying green development is deplorable: hydropower helps us allVientiane Times

[headline]January 30, 2013[/headline]

China reinstates Salween dam

[headline]January 25, 2013[/headline]

MRC countries not opposed to Xayaboury damVientiane Times

An Khe hydropower plant built, river gets depleted, people get thirstyVietnam Net Bridge

Battle for the Mekong takes new turnThe Nation (Thailand)

China Threat to Water SecurityRadio Free Asia

[headline]January 23, 2013[/headline]

Alstom to equip Dong Nai 5 hydropower project in VietnamElectric Light & Power

Work powers ahead on Xayaboury damVientiane Times

Laos Finally Called Out over Xayaburi DamThe Diplomat

Dams on the Mekong: Biodiversity and responsibilityCSR Asia

Thai firm says work at controversial Laos dam on scheduleAlertNet

[headline]January 22, 2013[/headline]

Saline encroachment hits Mekong watersVietnam Net Bridge

Plan to Dredge Sand on MekongRadio Free Asia

[headline]January 21, 2013[/headline]

Tham irrigation project set to boost crop yields in Xieng KhuangVientiane Times

Hydropower development in Laos “a great idea”: EUVientiane Times

[headline]January 20, 2013[/headline]

US Seeks Infrastructure Deals in CambodiaCambodia Daily

Mekong Countries at Odds Over Xayaburi DamCambodia Daily

[headline]January 19, 2013[/headline]

A River Trickles Through It: Laos’ Mekong Dam Draws Ire From Downstream Neighbors And EnvironmentalistsInternational Business Times

Laos’ construction of barrage triggers Mekong crisisSouth China Morning Post

Families adjust to new life after losing homes to Theun-Hinboun dam expansionVientiane Times

[headline]January 18, 2013[/headline]

Vietnam and Cambodia hit back at landmark Laos damReuters

New Research Shows Fishways Have Not Helped FishThe Fish Site

Xayaburi Concerns MountRadio Free Asia

Cambodia, Vietnam Voice Concern at Mekong River Commission MeetingVoice of America

Vietnam and Cambodia tell Laos to stop $3.5bn Mekong River dam projectThe Guardian (UK)

MRC backs Lao dam development planVientiane Times

Laos to keep Mekong cooperation spirit aliveVientiane Times

[headline]January 16, 2013[/headline]

Mekong Delta facing crushing calamityVietnam Net Bridge

Laos commits to build sustainable hydropower plantVientiane Times

How to foster regional friendship by saying noThe Nation (Thailand)

Norwegian-supported hydropower dam’s expansion upsets

[headline]January 15, 2013[/headline]

THPC completes Laos’ Theun Hinboun hydro development

Laos losing land due to erosionVientiane Times

Laos worries about Mekong erosionBangkok Post

Theun-Hinboun Opening Celebrations Obscure Village ConcernsInternational Rivers

[headline]January 14, 2013[/headline]

Laos Dam Project Tests Credibility of Mekong River CommissionVoice of America

Laos to drive sustainable development in Mekong basinVientiane Times

Egat signs deal with Laos counterpartBangkok Post

On Mekong River, Worries About Surging Trade With ChinaVoice of America

Dam meet offers MRC final chance to bare teethBangkok Post

[headline]January 13, 2013[/headline]

Xayaburi dam stirs debate on Mekong River CommissionBangkok Post

Xayaburi Dam: How Laos Violated the 1995 Mekong AgreementInternational Rivers

[headline]January 12, 2013[/headline]

Theun-Hinboun hydro expansion project powers upVientiane Times

[headline]January 11, 2013[/headline]

Environmental groups slam Laos dam expansionThe Nation (Thailand)

Regional cooperation on Mekong River in tattersWWF Global

[headline]January 10, 2013[/headline]

Alstom clinches $118m hydro deal in VietnamPower Engineering International

[headline]January 09, 2013[/headline]

Theun-Hinboun hydro plant extension to power up this weekVientiane Times

[headline]January 08, 2013[/headline]

Xayaburi dam not on agendaPhnom Penh Post

[headline]January 03, 2013[/headline]

IHA announces partnership with China Society for Hydropower

PM visits Nam Khan 2 hydro siteVientiane Times

Feasibility study underway on new Nam Theun II dam watergateVientiane Times

Hydropower 2012: Gray pictureVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]January 02, 2013[/headline]

Beyond the Myth: The Bounteous MekongNew York Times

[headline]December 31, 2012[/headline]

Cambodia battles to save rare Mekong dolphinsNew Straits Times

[headline]December 28, 2012[/headline]

Southeast Asia’s largest hydroelectric power facility

[headline]December 27, 2012[/headline]

Rice Farmers Threatened by Dam ProjectThe Irrawaddy

Three Megafish Species Imperiled by Lao’s Mekong River DamNational Geographic

[headline]December 24, 2012[/headline]

Son La hydropower plant begins operationTuoi Tre News

[headline]December 20, 2012[/headline]

Rivers in Vietnam utterly torn by hydropower plantsVietnam Net Bridge

Risk of poverty behind hydropower projects, Vietnam Net Bridge

[headline]December 19, 2012[/headline]

Opinion: Mekong River dam threatens livelihoods and ecosystemsCNN

China Top Dam Builder, Going Where Others Won’tAssociated Press

[headline]December 18, 2012[/headline]

New species old threats to Mekong wildlifeThe Australian

Singing frog and ‘walking’ catfish among 126 new species discovered in Mekong basin – in picturesThe Guardian (UK)

260 small hydropower projects likely to goVietnam Net Bridge

ADB agrees to finance Nam Ngum 3 damVientiane Times

[headline]December 17, 2012[/headline]

Stocks News Thailand: Ch Karnchang at 7-yr high; Laos dam to boost 2013 earningsCNBC

Vietnamese guards brave attack to reverse destruction of the forestThe Guardian (UK)

[headline]December 16, 2012[/headline]

Power development program No. 7 goes back up the ageVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]December 14, 2012[/headline]

Vietnamese feel insecure with hydropower plantsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]December 13, 2012[/headline]

Cambodia could tap up to 10,000 MW from hydroelectric damsGlobal Times

[headline]December 12, 2012[/headline]

Hydropower plant to swallow national parkVietnam Net Bridge

Hydrotek plans Lao hydropower unitsBangkok Post

[headline]December 10, 2012[/headline]

China plans over 300 dam projects

Xayaboury dam to make Laos wealthierVientiane Times

[headline]December 8, 2012[/headline]

Xayaboury project differs from other dams – Vientiane Times

[headline]December 7, 2012[/headline]

Dam incident a ’small technical problem’China Daily

Lawmakers Back Mekong DamRadio Free Asia

[headline]December 4, 2012[/headline]

In Search Of A Good Dam On The MekongAsian Scientist

IHA emphasizes hydropower’s importance at U.N.’s COP

Electricity shortage to affect Cambodia’s manufacturing sectorPhnom Penh Post

[headline]December 3, 2012[/headline]

Mekong Dam May Cause Food Security Threat, StudyAsian Scientist

Five injured and four missing after dam breachesPhnom Penh Post

Four Missing After Chinese Dam CollapsesCambodia Daily

[headline]December 1, 2012[/headline]

Filmmakers forget the benefits that flow from hydropowerVientiane Times

[headline]November 30, 2012[/headline]

In the Mekong, science – not guesswork – must prevailWWF Global

[headline]November 29, 2012[/headline]

In the Mekong, it’s dam if you do, dam if you don’tReuters AlertNet Blog

Study reveals extent of Mekong dam food security threatSciDev Net

Dong Nai hydro projects should be stopped: UNESCOTruoi Tre News

[headline]November 28, 2012[/headline]

Vietnam’s 7.5-MW Dak Mek 3 under investigation following

[headline]November 27, 2012[/headline]

Megadams Drown Out Small Victories in the Upper MekongInternational Rivers

Kon Tum: Dak Mek hydropower dam broken by a dump truckVietnam Net Bridge

Institute Hydroproject evaluating safety at Vietnam’s 2,400-MW Son La hydropower

Nam Khan II power plant has carbon offset potentialVientiane Times

[headline]November 26, 2012[/headline]

Cambodian, Chinese firms to joinly develop hydropower plantGlobal Times

Laos has not violated Mekong Agreement: Senior officialVientiane Times

[headline]November 25, 2012[/headline]

Vientiane says sorry for broken Xayaburi groundBangkok Post

Dam will not disrupt flow of MekongSouth China Morning Post

[headline]November 23, 2012[/headline]

Vietnam Electricity pays for damages from earthquakesSaigon Daily

Thailand to Buy More Energy from NeighboursBernama

[headline]November 22, 2012[/headline]

Save the Mekong, before it’s too late! The Nation

Hydropower projects’ rivers of changeVietnam Net Bridge

Finnish firm Poyry defends role in approval of massive dam in LaosSouth China Morning Post

[headline]November 21, 2012[/headline]

Landslides, flooding after Hydropower Plant releases waterSaigon Daily

Laos’ Hydropower Boom Attracts Regional AttentionAtlantic Sentinel

Thailand to host meeting on Mekong developmentThe Nation

Vietnam still doesn’t have national standards on hydropower plantsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]November 20, 2012[/headline]

Lower Mekong Initiative Launches “Connect Mekong”US State Department

[headline]November 19, 2012[/headline]

Xayaburi dam opponents lobby summitBangkok Post

Officials power up to oversee hydro developmentVientiane Times

Delta crops face threat from saltVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]November 18, 2012[/headline]

As Wen Jiabao departs, China’s dam plans to accelerateReuters

[headline]November 17, 2012[/headline]

Laos risking decades of co-operation with Mekong dam projectSouth China Morning Post

[headline]November 16, 2012[/headline]

Giant Laos dam underway… What’s next? Thanh Nien News

Court urged to speed dam protest caseBangkok Post

[headline]November 15, 2012[/headline]

Will Burma’s forests survive as the country opens its doors to the world? The Guardian (UK)

[headline]November 14, 2012[/headline]

Sesan Dam Decision QuestionedRadio Free Asia

Landlocked Laos’s Big PlansAsia Sentinel

[headline]November 13, 2012[/headline]

Xayaburi Dam: A Closer Look at How Laos Got to “Go”International Rivers

[headline]November 12, 2012[/headline]

Laos Hires Firm Under ProbeRadio Free Asia

[headline]November 11, 2012[/headline]

Half nation’s hydropower dams uncheckedVietnam Net Bridge

Days After Xayaburi Gets Green Light, Pöyry Flaunts Project’s CorruptionInternational Rivers

Mekong `hydro diplomacy’ falling shortBangkok Post

[headline]November 10, 2012[/headline]

Laos evades responsibility with dam constructionThe Nation

Laos holds ground-breaking ceremony for Mekong dam projectThe Nation

[headline]November 9, 2012[/headline]

Worst flooding in a decade in Mekong DeltaSaigon Daily

Hydropower plant’s dam remains worrying, expertsTruoi Tre News

VN asks Laos to review impacts of hydropower damVietnam Net Bridge

Pöyry supervises the construction of the Xayaburi hydropower project as Government of Lao Engineer,Reuters

Vietnam wants Laos to carefully study impacts of mega dam on MekongThanh Nien News

[headline]November 8, 2012[/headline]

Vietnam drops objections to Laos dam on MekongBloomberg Business Week

Climate Conversations – Can regional organisations prevent future water conflicts? AlertNet

Laos dam opens floodgates for more concerns, Asian Correspondent

Hydropower Propaganda Disguised as ScienceInternational Rivers

Neighbors Seek Dam ScrutinyRadio Free Asia

A Look at Laos’s Controversial Xayaburi DamThe Wall Street Journal

[headline]November 7, 2012[/headline]

Thailand backs 3.5 billion dollar Mekong River dam projectThe Nation

Cambodia’s Energy Security Is at RiskCambodia Daily

Laos Pushes for Massive Dam Despite Criticism, Voice of America

Laos breaks ground in ceremony for contentious Mekong damThe Guardian (UK)

[headline]November 6, 2012[/headline]

Laos approves Xayaburi ‘mega’ dam on MekongBBC World News

Laos pushes ahead with Mekong dam and risks destroying the region’s lifebloodWWF Global

Laos to start building Xayaburi damBangkok Post

US concern at Laos building 1st dam across MekongStraits Times

Large hydropower station starts operationChina Daily

[headline]November 5, 2012[/headline]

Delegation To Head To Laos Over Controversial DamVoice of America

Dam Approval Angers Villagers, Rights GroupsPhnom Penh Post

Strengthening the foundations: Thai companies play leading role in creating better infrastructure in Mekong regionBangkok Post.

[headline]November 3, 2012[/headline]

River elegy: Laos admits work is going ahead on a controversial damThe Economist

Cambodia approves controversial dam planAFP

[headline]November 2, 2012[/headline]

Cambodia approves Lower Sesan 2 hydroelectric damBBC World News

Water shortages in China potentially a perfect stormThe Tell – Wall Street Journal Blog

Economic crisis puts an end to hydropower raceTuoit Tre News

Cambodia’s Cabinet okays hydroelectric damStraits Times

[headline]November 1, 2012[/headline]

The New “Battery of Asia?”The Diplomat

Laos responds to Xayaboury dam concernsVientiane Times

Mekong hydropower project gets a boostUPI

[headline]October 31, 2012[/headline]

Another major Xayaburi pactPhnom Penh Post

[headline]October 30, 2012[/headline]

Earthquakes hit people ask for compensation from hydropower plantSaigon Daily

Xayaboury dam simulation model unveiledVientiane Times

Dong Nai Province objects to hydropower plantsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]October 29, 2012[/headline]

Mega-dams in China’s earthquake zones could have “disastrous consequences”Chinadialogue

Burma Road: China’s Soft Power in a New MyanmarGlobal Post

[headline]October 28, 2012[/headline]

Fight to Save Mekong Dolphin Makes EnemiesCambodia Daily

[headline]October 26, 2012[/headline]

Water resources to be preserved for hydropowerVientiane Times

Half-Century Lao Mine May Help Drain RiversCambodia Daily

Dams leave displaced people in the lurchThanh Nien Daily

Asian Development Bank may back disputed damPhnom Penh Post

[headline]October 25, 2012[/headline]

More Lao dam deals inkedPhnom Penh Post

[headline]October 24, 2012[/headline]

Authorities also responsible for dam safetyVietnam Net Bridge

Hydropower plants generate safe, clean energy: Deputy PMVientiane Times

[headline]October 23, 2012[/headline]

S.Korean firms win $1bln hydroplant deal in LaosAFP

Questions over China damsPhnom Penh Post

Deal worth $150m signed to build hydro plantViet Nam News

Pak Moon dam’s sluice gates closed to store water for dry seasonPattaya Mail

Quake again at hydropower plant, new observatory station keeps silentVietnam Net Bridge

Ratch Plant Wins Lao ConcessionBangkok Post

[headline]October 22, 2012[/headline]

Quang Nam: 23 “water bombs” defusedVietnam Net Bridge

Activist Slams Laos Mega-Dam, “Hired-Gun” ConsultantsOoska News

[headline]October 21, 2012[/headline]

Ratchaburi Electricity Unit Signs Pact to Operate Laos PlantFox Business

[headline]October 19, 2012[/headline]

Company covers up dam breakage, floods fieldsThanh Nien News

[headline]October 18, 2012[/headline]

Second Mekong Dam Awaits NodRadio Free Asia

Thousands of Mekong homes linked to gridViet Nam News

The Mekong River Reaches Critical Point as the Xayaburi Dam AdvancesInternational Rivers

[headline]October 17, 2012[/headline]

Earthquakes again at Song Tranh 2 Hydropower PlantVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]October 16, 2012[/headline]

China’s Xiangjiaba Hydro Station to Come on Line by Late OctoberOoska News

Contractor denies breach in Dakrong Hydropower Plant damSaigon Daily

[headline]October 15, 2012[/headline]

Vietnam National Mekong Committee Eyes Strategy for River BasinOoska News

Vietnam completes 2,400 MW hydropower projectElectric Light & Power International

[headline]October 14, 2012[/headline]

Unfinished dam breaks in central Vietnam, floods fieldsThanh Nien News

China’s Third Largest Hydropower Project Begins Storing WaterOoska News

[headline]October 13, 2012[/headline]

Xayaboury villagers relocate to make way for 1,878MW power plantVientiane Times

Safety of Vietnam’s 190-MW Song Tranh 2 hydroelectric project still in question after

[headline]October 12, 2012[/headline]

Big projects suspended in Quang Nam provinceViet Nam News

Social responsibility good for business, says Chinese hydropower construction firmXinhua

Vietnam Flood Controllers Criticize Vu Gia-Thu Bon Hydro PlantsOoska News

[headline]October 11, 2012[/headline]

Vietnam’s renewable energy resources waiting to be tapped – experts, EcoSeed

Xayaboury dam powers rural area development – Vientiane Times

[headline]October 10, 2012[/headline]

Asian Development Bank points to mining, electricity sectors to boost economic growth in LaosNZWeek

SW China hydropower plant starts water storageGlobal Times

Lowland people wither because of hydropower plantsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]October 9, 2012[/headline]

Xayaboury dam will have no transboundary impact: Project developersVientiane Times

[headline]October 8, 2012[/headline]

Nation urged to tap green energyViet Nam News

Experts warn China’s fifth Mekong dam will have a “devastating”

[headline]October 7, 2012[/headline]

Myanmar OKs private engagement in electricity productionNZWeek

Infrastructure needs bipartisan cooperationBangkok Post

[headline]October 6, 2012[/headline]

Does China have enough water to keep building three power stations a week? Chinadialogue

China to spend 100 bln yuan on solar, hydropower projects in ‘Tibet’Tibetan Review

Thailand boosts infrastructure investment in Mekong region: PMPattaya Mail

Difficult choices ahead for Thai energy systemThe Nation

[headline]October 5, 2012[/headline]

Stimson Center Warns Over China’s New Mekong DamOoska News
Song Tranh 2 hydro-power dam evacuation plan checkedVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]October 4, 2012[/headline]

Installed capacity of Huaneng’s hydropower company in Yunnan tops 10 mln

Safety measures needed for quake-hit hydropower plantTuoi Tre News

Experts say Vietnam dam can cause 6.1-scale earthquakes; ‘we’ll have to pay’Thanh Nien News

[headline]October 1, 2012[/headline]

China’s dams a threat to the MekongUPI

[headline]September 30, 2012[/headline]

Water Wars Feared Over MekongRadio Free Asia

[headline]September 29, 2012[/headline]

Repaired dam ‘safe from earthquakes’ – Viet Nam News

[headline]September 27, 2012[/headline]

Laos’ last chance to save last 6 river dolphinsWWF Global

Despite strengths as centre of Mekong region, Kingdom faces risksThe Nation

Ch. Karnchang Working on Xayaburi, Eyes Projects in Vietnam, MyanmarOoska News

[headline]September 25, 2012[/headline]

ADB Highlights Burma’s Dire Energy SystemThe Irrawaddy

Mekong Delta residents thrive on the flood seasonVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]September 24, 2012[/headline]

Land Disputes Stir Political Debate in VietnamCenter for Strategic and International Studies

Thai power development plan is at odds with realityThe Bangkok Post

Recent earthquakes trigger mixed opinionsViet Nam News

Another dam on the Mekong in ChinaThe Interpreter

[headline]September 23, 2012[/headline]

GMS’s 20th anniversaryThe Nation

Tremors near Vietnam dam cause more damage to buildingThanh Nien Daily

[headline]September 22, 2012[/headline]

Work starts on Turbine No. 2 at delta power plantThe Voice of Vietnam Online

[headline]September 21, 2012[/headline]

IFC backs govt’s clean energy goalsThe Nation

Song Tranh Hydropower Plant needs close monitoring: ExpertSGGP English Edition

[headline]September 20, 2012[/headline]

Evacuation plan is needed in case Song Tranh 2 Dam broken, expertsVietnam Net Bridge

[headline]September 19, 2012[/headline]

China: running short of waterFinancial Times (blog)

Xayaburi Dam Protestors Say Dam Will Kill ThemOoska News

[headline]September 18, 2012[/headline]

Mekong river dam will kill us : protesters tell PMThe Nation

Officials set plans for energy consumptionVientiane Times

[headline]September 17, 2012[/headline]

The ‘most dangerous’ earthquakes at Song Tranh 2 hydro-power plantVietnam Net Bridge

Cambodia to Buy Power From Laos’ Xayaburi DamOoskaNews

Govt promotes investment in small-scale hydropowerVientiane Times

[headline]September 14, 2012[/headline]

Don Sahong hydropower plant not yet under construction: ministryVientiane Times

Tra fish exports from Mekong Delta exceed US$1 billionVoice of Vietnam

Power consumption growth slows furtherChina Daily

China rushes to build a new generation of mega-dams as thirst for power growsThe Telegraph (UK)

Xayaburi concerns ‘unanswered’Phnom Penh Post

Experts doubt efficacy of Song Tranh 2 Hydropower damVietnam Net Bridge

Mothball dam plan for goodBangkok Post

[headline]September 13, 2012[/headline]

Experts doubt efficacy of Song Tranh 2 Hydropower damSaigon Daily

China investment in energy ‘crucial’ to CambodiaChina

‘Neighbors Not Against Xayaburi’Radio Free Asia

Laos energy development spawns tensionsDeutsche Welle

Cambodia: ASEAN Plans Green Energy Connection for the FuturePrensa Latina News Agency

[headline]September 12, 2012[/headline]

S’pore, Cambodia to strengthen energy

[headline]September 11, 2012[/headline]

Thai govt plans to go ahead with dam as Sukhothai inundatedThe Nation

ASEAN+3 senior officials hold energy talks in

PM to decide when hydropower plant will receive waterTuoi Tre

Xayaburi Dam Means Much More Population Relocation Than Laos Admits: Thai ResearcherOoska News

[headline]September 10, 2012[/headline]

Dams, climate plague MekongThe Phnom Penh Post

Debate on restoring floating market in Mekong DeltaSaigon Daily

Shrimp breeders scoff rising prices in Mekong DeltaSaigon Daily

Are conservation projects succeeding in the Lower Mekong Basin? CIFOR Forest News Blog

Vietnam, UK boost clean energy developmentThe Voice of Vietnam Online

[headline]September 8, 2012[/headline]

Electricity to triple Lao exports to Thailand in 2015Vientiane Times

[headline]September 7, 2012[/headline]

Impact assessment of Namphoun HydroprojectSocial Economic Newspaper

Largest hydropower station on Mekong River starts operationChina Daily (USA)

Vietnam warns of water conflictsAFP

[headline]September 6, 2012[/headline]

Laos clarifies Xayaboury dam developmentVientiane Times

[headline]September 5, 2012[/headline]

Study approved for new Nam Theun II dam water gateVientiane Times

[headline]September 3, 2012[/headline]

Laos proceeds with another dam project despite controversyThe Nation

[headline]June 29, 2012[/headline]

Cambodian villagers protest controversial Laos damReuters

[headline]June 27, 2012[/headline]

Xayaburi Construction Moves AheadRadio Free Asia

[headline]June 21, 2012[/headline]

Laos optimistic on Xayaburi despite stumbling blocksBangkok Post

Laos to build more hydropower projects but environmentalists are waryXinhua

[headline]June 14, 2012[/headline]

Hydropower still small in terms of global power shareVientiane Times

[headline]June 13, 2012[/headline]

Lao Dams ‘Not Well Designed’Radio Free Asia

[headline]June 7, 2012[/headline]

Approved Land Concession for Hydro-power Project in Kasi District, Vientiane Province, Lao News Agency (KPL)

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