Our Research: Optimizing reservoir management for livelihoods (MK1)

  • 2013

Reduciing Risk Mekong Improving Yield in the Drawdown Area of Yali Reservoir, Vietnam

Under the MK1 project Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute (SFRI) and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) introduced a short term variety of cassava (KM 98-7) that can reach maturity after 7 months and give better yield and starch content. The on-farm pilot started with 3 farmers in 2012… Read More
  • 2012-09

Commune Agro-ecosystems in Cambodia, a Guidance Manual

Commune Agroecosystems Analysis (CAEA) is a participatory analysis methodology used by the Department of Agricultural Extension to identify and prioritize agricultural development needs at the commune level. This manual provides a step-by-step procedure to implement CAEA Read More
  • 2011-05-01

Policy review and institutional analysis of the hydropower in Laos

The   report   reviewed   existing   policies   and   legal   frameworks   relating   to   land-­‐water-­‐environment   management   with   a   focus   on   hydropower   development   and   livelihood   options   in   Lao   PDR,   Cambodia,  … Read More