Our Research: Myanmar

  • 2018-09

Perceptions of Integrated Water Resources Management in Myanmar

The WLE research project examined perceptions of four constructs underlying IWRM, policy integration, public participation, gender inclusion, and adaptivity among people responsible for the implementation of future water management plans in Myanmar. Read More
  • 2018

Hydropower resettlement in the Mekong region

The number of people displaced by hydropower dam construction has been growing steadily as more dams are constructed on the Mekong mainstream and its tributaries. More dams are proposed because the governments of Mekong countries regard them as a means to tackle poverty and stimulate economic growth (MRC, 2009). Many… Read More
  • 2017

State of knowledge: River health in the Salween- Burmese

This State of Knowledge paper reviews what is known about river health in the Salween Basin, including both the current state and uses of the river and its catchment, and issues likely to drive change in the near future. This report is in Burmese language. Read More
  • 2013-10-01

Summary of CPWF Research in the Mekong River Basin

Hydropower development: a defining issue There are few other places in the world, perhaps none, with such intensive dams development as the Mekong Basin. The major tensions in the Mekong revolve around dams and other infrastructure development and the shift from economies based on agriculture and primary production to manufacturing,… Read More